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Member Education | Online Lectures

Online lectures are structured around real cases. From macro to micro, Dr. Saver evaluates each patient, first focusing on the bigger picture and then going into detail, planning for the best possible outcome. 

The Evolution of Soft Tissue Paradigm:

Treatment Planning in the Era of Soft Tissue Paradigm - 22 mins

It’s the Face That Leads the Way - 43 mins

Playing the Long Game: How the Face Changes with Age - 47 mins

Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Concepts:

Treatment Planning using the Sarver Protocol - 13 mins

Access Course

The Clinical Examination and Why It Matters - 44 mins

Pitch, Roll and Yaw: How to Treatment Plan in All 3 Dimensions -  54 mins

The Interdisciplinary Team: The Quarterback Position - 10 mins

Macroesthetics: Hearing The Patient's Chief Complaint - 16 mins

Macroesthetics: How to Increase Lower Facial Height - 46 mins

Macro-Mini-Microesthetics: Treatment Class III Malocclusion  - 38 mins

Treatment Planning Then and Now - 51 mins

Achieving Maximum Esthetics with Coordinated Teams - 55 mins

The Cascade of Effects: Decisions in a Frightening Traumatic Case - 37 mins

Smile Design: 

The Transverse Dimension of the Maxilla and Teeth - 7 mins

Access Course

Shade and Smile Width Over Time  - 11 mins

Playing the Long Game in the Treatment of Gummy Smile - 44 mins

Ideal Finishing: Tooth Size Proportionality and Dimension - 11 mins

The Dilemma of Ginigival Hypertrophy at the End of Treatment - 5 mins

Incisor Display and Gradation - 36 mins

The "Outside In" Approach to a Severe Class II Malocclusion - 53 mins

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