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Gain access to Dr. David Sarver's case studies, lectures, and more.

Orthodontic treatment generally aims to improve the occlusion and smile esthetics of the patient. But the patient’s overall facial appearance determines how they look to others, not just their smile. Take a deep dive into dentofacial esthetics and learn how to evaluate each patient who walks through your door from macro to micro, focusing first on the big picture and then working your way to the minute details in order to treatment plan for the best possible outcome. Expand your horizons and elevate your approach. Join today!


Patients can go through multiple sets of braces, get veneers, you name it, all with negative outcomes. Why? The full-face outcome was ignored. 

Step into the world of real patient cases and gain a holistic perspective. Dr. Sarver's captivating lectures, told through actual patient stories, deliver solid didactic content that allows you to fully appreciate the significance of seeing the bigger picture—the full face. Expand your understanding of treatment through compelling narratives as your guide and gain a fresh perspective on smile design.


From macro to micro,  Dr. Sarver evaluates patients focusing first on the big picture and then details to plan for the best possible outcome.

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