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Office Hour Recordings

New! Microesthetics: Go Beyond the Incisal Edge

Smile design can incorporate various esthetic elements such as lip support, smile arc, incisor proportion, soft tissue support and more. Microesthetic principles play a crucial role in achieving desirable smile outcomes. Many patients come to us with expectations based on what they see on TV and social media, often showcasing cases treated with porcelain veneers. 

In this office hour, Dr. Sarver will explore the intricacies of microesthetics and demonstrate when it is appropriate to enhance the shape and form of teeth in the esthetic zone. 


Discover the numerous types of cases that can be significantly improved, often through innovative approaches you may not have considered before.

Smile Projection

The positioning of the vertical incisal edge serves as a guide for determining the shape and size of porcelain veneers. While this positioning and placement are of utmost importance, it is essential to recognize that orthodontic professionals within the interdisciplinary team possess the ability to work in the anterior/posterior plane of space. 

Systematic Treatment Planning: Smiles Designed for a Lifetime 

With smile design, the immediate outcome often looks outstanding, but what happens over the next 20-30 years? During this session, Dr. Sarver will review the fundamentals of smile design from an interdisciplinary standpoint and present soft and hard tissue aging characteristics, which are critical to maintaining a youthful smile.

Low-Tech, High-Skill Treatment in a Digital World

With the addition of technology comes expense. New technology may look wonderful and is great for the advancement of our profession, but it isn’t always practical for patients’ budgets. We have to consider other treatment avenues that still deliver the same desired results. Join Dr. Sarver as he walks you through alternative orthodontic treatment options.

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